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Frequently Asked Questions

How does membership work at Magnolia Place?
Greenville NC OBGYN | Magnolia Place

In order to best accomplish the Magnolia Place mission and eliminate barriers within the delivery of healthcare, we have created a membership-based practice. Membership has proven to be a valuable asset in our daily lives as in our favorite gym or shopping experience. Our health should be seen as no different. The Magnolia Place membership places a value on convenient, personalized care. Have you ever had to take a day off of work and use previous PTO time for medical office visits due to unpredictable wait times? Membership affords you predictability so that you may return to work soon and save your time for vacation uses or even have your visit by phone or video and in this case, never have to leave your desk! What is your time worth?

We are in-network with most major commercial insurance plans. We are a Medicare provider, however, we do not accept Medicaid. If you are in-network, we must collect co-pays and file all medical services such as annual wellness exams, follow-up & sick visits, pap smears, and labs to your insurance. Membership is our value proposition for you to invest and take your health and wellness to the next level that is unique and different. The Magnolia Place model of care goes far beyond tradition and affords the comfort of knowing you have a team behind you and ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. At Magnolia Place, you will also have direct access to our preferred partners in nutrition, mental health, physical health, lactation services and more. Membership is everything you have come to enjoy and expect from Drs. Rowe and Loftis with even more! We are happy to offer payment plans for membership services to best suit your needs as your health and wellness is our top priority. Magnolia Place is designed to be an intimate community where we will stand strong together.

What about out-of-network patients?
Greenville NC OBGYN | Magnolia Place

We understand that not everyone has insurance, their insurance is out-of-network, or they have a high deductible insurance plan. Membership is a cost-saving investment where you will have access to preferred pricing and self-pay options for all visits throughout the year, in addition to benefits already mentioned. We believe in transparent pricing and will discuss with you any financial obligation before services are rendered. For our patients that are strictly self-pay, membership makes every effort to realize cost savings compared to conventional medical practices. For our patients with insurance that is out-of-network, our lab will accept most all insurances, including Medicare, therefore labs and pap smears would still be covered by most insurances in this setting. For those desiring reimbursement for their out-of-network plan, itemized receipts will be provided upon request for you to submit to your insurance.

Do I need to be a member to be a patient of Drs. Rowe or Loftis?
Greenville NC OBGYN | Magnolia Place

Although we prefer to place no limitation on the number of women we serve, membership allows us to balance the needs of our patients and community with the needs of the medical practice. There are many unspoken and rising costs required to maintain a medical practice, and especially a challenge where insurance is accepted and processed by the practice. Membership opens up the opportunity for an integrated model of care where whole health and wellness keeps your needs at the forefront and never overshadowed by any administrative burden. Doctors are required to do more and more outside of seeing their patients. Joining Magnolia Place means that you become a member who takes a stand against to push back against the forces in the medical landscape that take doctors away from the bedside where they belong taking care of you and your family. Magnolia Place will move medicine in so many ways and aims to preserve the relationship patients have with their healthcare team.  #WeCanDoIt!

I am interested and wish to hear more about how to become a member. How do I sign up?
Greenville NC OBGYN | Magnolia Place

Email our membership team, at and we will call you to to review membership details, answer any questions that you have and start your enrollment to see Drs. Rowe and Loftis very soon. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Founding Magnolia Place Member! Ladies, let’s make history!