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About Us

Thank you for considering Magnolia Place as a safe haven where health and wellness will feel like a home to you.  We are excited to meet and serve you as our founding members.  We understand that we as women lead terribly busy lives and juggle so much day to day.  We identify with those struggles as women and remain tireless to achieve our best self as a woman, a wife, a mother, a caregiver, a friend, and any other hat we may wear in life.  We understand the barriers that complicate your already busy schedule and wish to help you achieve your best health in mind, body, and spirit.  Our goal is to make your health and wellness care the least of your concerns by ensuring you remain educated and empowered to evolve in our ever-changing world.

The Magnolia Place model of healthcare is different than a traditional medical office.  It is unique.  It is personal. It is a community where we will serve as your patient advocate and your cheerleader to empower you to achieve the best version of you.  Our Magnolia Place model is a membership model where you will join a community and effectively save you time and money by bridging the gap to maintain integrated, comprehensive and convenient care.  The Magnolia Place mission is to keep you out of costly situations like urgent care and unnecessary hospital admissions.  We understand the burden of waiting hours in this situation to be seen.  It is a strain personally and financially.  It is often the case that the concern that led you to seek care in this manner could have been addressed in the medical office.  We will be your first-line for medical guidance when you need it and to make sure you are treated in the most appropriate setting.  This is important personally but also for our community as our emergency services need help to get to the people that need it the most.

We are so excited as Magnolia Place to have finished the construction process and open our doors to you.  There are so many people that helped bring this very special space to you.  Our gratitude runs deep for all those involved and their contribution was a direct result with the future Magnolia Place community in mind.  We are looking forward to providing the community a unique and new women's healthcare space that will feel like a safe haven from the moment you walk in the door.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Greenville Gynecology | Magnolia Place
Thank you for considering Magnolia Place as a safe haven where health and wellness will feel like a home to you.

A Trusted Reputation

We have evolved to deliver a unique and different model for women's healthcare.  At Magnolia Place, it is our mission to make sure the women of eastern North Carolina thrive.