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The Membership Community

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The Shelby

(<18yo) because just like Shelby, these patients are youthful, optimistic, and effervescent and always look on the bright side of life.


For self pay, access to preferred pricing for all services.

Aim to promote health education in young ladies and teenagers.‍

The Annelle

(19-26yo) because just like Annelle experienced, this is a time of self-exploration for young women.

In-Network $150/quarter
Out-of-Network $300/quarter*

Aim to increase health awareness regarding contraceptive options, fertility and preconception counseling, and educate regarding general health and wellness.

The M’Lynn and Truvy

(27-64yo) because these women are always in control even in the face of adversity with their bubbly personalities and strength of character.

In-Network $300/quarter
Out-of-Network $450/quarter*

Continue to foster health literacy from child-bearing years, through perimenopause, and into menopause.

The Clairee and Ouiser

(>65yo) because these women are witty, fiercely loyal, sometimes a curmudgeon but with an ever-present heart of gold.

In-Network $300/quarter
Out-of-Network $450/quarter*

Aim to help women through transitions in their life including menopause and beyond and to enjoy and THRIVE in their golden years.

*For our Out-of-Network and Self-Pay patients, membership will include the following:

OBGYN Greenville NC | Magnolia Place

Magnolia Place Obstetric Journey Package

For Obstetric patients joining Magnolia Place in 2021, your membership will be reflective as per your age noted above. Starting in January 2022, new Obstetric patients will fall into the Obstetric Journey Package. For more information on how the Obstetric Journey Package will work, please email

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