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Full Circle

As I reflect on the past and the present, I find that much in my life has changed drastically but much about my life has not changed at all. Personally, I would say that this is true as well. Here I am full circle having the opportunity to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard and do something that I once did long ago. I had the thought and courage to start a blog for my medical practice nearly 8 years ago. I sought out to be able to share knowledge, facilitate communication and to open the door to our community feeling eager and ready to serve. At that time, I was a newly polished physician stepping out of the confines of my academic safe haven. I had doe-eyed visions of life ahead raising my family as a wife and mother, all the while serving the families of eastern North Carolina. The idea of the blog came about because I quickly realized that patients wanted more information and truly needed more information to make the best decisions for their health and wellness. I remember feeling surprised by the daily repetition of similar questions and concerns among patients who had no relation or connection to one another. I remember thinking if I could raise awareness in our community and have a dialogue outside of the office visit so much more could be accomplished. The blog was the solution to the challenge where the challenge was time and access to deliver vital information. My blogs were embraced with love and support of my new patients, my practice and community. I found my voice and thrived thanks to an ethereal energy that drives any obstetrician gynecologist. If you know any OBGYN, it requires one to remain steadfast and tireless to accomplish the goal, whether it be delivering a precious baby in the middle of the night or a long surgical day.

Nearly 8 years ago, I wrote the following,

“Our finest memories and moments are found in exchanges – between mother and child, between best friends, between you and your significant other and really, between you and anyone or anything in your world. It is in these exchanges that we build our awareness and knowledge and certainly learn from our trials and tribulations. Exchanges serve as comfort and strength or a means to pressure and challenge one another. It is with exchanges that we learn as much about others as we do ourselves….I wish to have an exchange with you – to discuss any and all topics you feel are important as a woman. What is on your mind? I wish this blog to be a source of humor, exploration and knowledge. In a world where we are inundated with information, and literally at our fingertips any given second, this luxury can be a double-edge sword. It is here that we can discuss, sort out, challenge and make sense of topics of interest to you. I promise to bring you unbiased, evidence-based information that you can feel safe reading.” - Blog, Personal Exchanges - January 15, 2014

The road traveled since this blog has taken a winding path where I was faced with many successes that were juxtaposed with many uncomfortable, and sometimes non-negotiable, realities and realizations. I am so thankful for this path as it afforded me a journey where gratitude runs deep for best and the worst experiences. I realize now the error in the mindset where I saw each stage of my life as a means to reach the next destination. I know now that my journey is directed by choices made. I feel proud to say that my choices led me right back to the beginning but this time standing strong carrying a trinket box filled with the wisdom of experience, the lens of a particular perspective and with my best friend and fellow physician Dr. Ransom Witt Loftis. We too have found each other full circle having met during our undergraduate years 20-years ago. What a beautiful twist of fate then and now. We found ourselves to be kindred spirits in so many ways but we cherish how we are also very different. The Magnolia Place vision came about at a time where we leaned on each other at a time of discovery. The medical landscape can be quite treacherous. There is so much more that goes on outside of the exam room and is an unspoken reality that creates an unnecessary vulnerability in patient-centered care and the physician-patient relationship. If we do not confront these proverbial boulders, it will come at a loss for someone, whether it be the patient, the physician or the practice. This creates a domino effect for the entire healthcare system. Dr. Loftis and I are at different stages of our career however we both quickly agreed that this reality is negotiable. We live in a world where the world is your oyster! With persistence, perseverance and people on your side, all can be accomplished. As we open our doors to Magnolia Place, we thank each person who inspired us, encouraged us and consulted with us to see this day become a reality. We could NOT have done this without you!!! Magnolia Place OBGYN & Wellness exists to provide the link where no one loses and reverence for health, wellness and patient-centered care are unbreakable.