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The Importance of Primary Care Services

At Magnolia Place, our philosophy is to provide unique Greenville NC OBGYN services and empowering healthcare services through several membership models.

There is no question that primary care is essential for maintaining optimal health in today’s time. However, according to a study by the Journal of American Medical Association, Jama Internal Medicine, between 2002 and 2015, fewer Americans have reported seeing a primary care provider. The study also suggests that the decrease in proportion includes younger patients who were less medically complex. While the younger generation may not feel the need for routine medical care, it is suggested that everyone, no matter their health, regularly visits a health care provider.  Our bodies require as much preventative maintenance as one’s car.  Do we only service our car when it is not working properly, or do we keep up with the proper check-ups like oil changes and changing our spark plugs?  The worst fear is being caught breaking down on the side of the road so there is a marked incentive in being proactive with the health and longevity of our car.  Shouldn’t we ask the same of our bodies?  Unlike a car, each person is issued one per life and there are no trade-ins!

What is it that keeps up from being proactive in our approach to healthcare?  Access to convenient healthcare is still one of the biggest concerns for many women, despite their age or stage in life. However, organizations like Magnolia Place, are here to provide not only OBGYN services but also the necessary resources to make healthcare the least of your concerns for overall health as women as your primary care provider in Greenville NC.

Primary Care: Why Is It Important?

Primary care is not specific to one kind of doctor or other healthcare practitioners.  Primary care is a practice of the complete and whole health of the individual.  The National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine defines primary care as the provision of integrated, accessible health care needs, developing a sustained partnership with patients, and practicing in the context of family and community. While everyone deserves primary care, Magnolia Place seeks to exist to empower women to face each different life stage as we live differently through each one.  There is no one size fits all approach and no one woman experiences each life stage the same way.  What is good for one woman may not be good for another.  Meaning that it is crucial for them not only to have access to primary care in its purest definition to seek care for whole health and to use it to the best of their abilities throughout the year. For women, having a healthcare provider that they trust should be a priority and who knows them best.  A long-term relationship with your healthcare provider affords a priceless perspective, especially during a time of uncertainty in your health.  For many women, it is typical that OBGYNs - Women’s Health Specialists follow their patients through their reproductive years and beyond to last most of a woman’s life.

Although primary care is crucial for anyone, there are multiple factors that prevent patients from having a primary care doctor or entity. For instance, lack of insurance decreases the use of primary care services, and individuals without health insurance may even delay seeking medical treatment when they are ill. Limited office hours are also another concern that prevents patients from visiting a health care provider. Additionally, one study also found that even when workers were provided with paid sick leave, many didn’t take time off because they feared they would lose wages.  Magnolia Place seeks to remove the barriers that complicate healthcare and to help each woman reach their full potential in health and wellness.  Magnolia Place has solved the issue of affordable healthcare and serves to help educate its member community on navigating the medical landscape.

Integrating Primary Care with OBGYN in Greenville NC

Fortunately, there are various options that integrate primary care and women’s health to better assist women’s concerns. Institutions like Magnolia Place, where women’s health is more than seeing a gynecologist Greenville NC, are incredibly important in a community. Magnolia Place offers numerous services such as obstetrics, gynecology, surgery, and adolescent health. As well as, hormone therapy for skin and hair challenges, menopause, nutrition, weight management, and even massage therapy.  Magnolia Place strives to provide an all-encompassing approach to wellness in one place as your women’s primary care provider in Greenville NC.

We Are More than a Gynecologist, We Are Whole Health for Women

At Magnolia Place, we offer more than primary care and Greenville NC OBGYN services. Our philosophy is to provide unique and empowering healthcare services through several membership models. Membership bridges the gap in medicine where barriers are removed to create the most solid and patient-centered care.  Each of our memberships is securing healthcare time to have them when you need them.  You pay for health insurance and may not need it, but when you have it you are glad you do, right?  Each membership at Magnolia Place is meant to address multiple concerns that women have throughout different stages in life. From general health concerns, acute and chronic illnesses, fertility, and contraception counseling to supporting young females by providing women’s health education, our mission is to be your primary source for medical guidance across the lifespan. When you join Magnolia Place, you are becoming a part of a community and space that will feel like a safe haven from the moment you walk in the door and you are supporting a mission to provide women with a team that has your whole health in mind for you and your family. For more information on utilizing Magnolia Place as your women’s primary care provider in Greenville NC, visit our website today!