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What Happens at an OBGYN Appointment? The Magnolia Place Way

What happens at an OBGYN appointment? From Magnolia Place, ECU OBGYN, here is a breakdown of what you should expect when attending your first OBGYN appointment.

There are many reasons to visit your women’s health specialist and Magnolia Place OBGYN & Wellness is working to change the cultural stigma. We believe in the accurate stereotype that a visit to the OBGYN is for pap smears, pregnancy, or an STD. Listen up, we women are astoundingly intricate and stunning in our design, and how we feel and function is as complex as trying to understand the universe. We challenge you to choose a healthcare provider who shares this belief and sees you for the beautiful universe that you are. Whether you are a budding young woman or a seasoned, wise woman, with many stories to tell-Magnolia Place is here for you.

Going to the OBGYN can be an intimidating experience, so it’s no wonder many women delay their first visit.  Feeling nervous and uncertain when you have an appointment with a gynecologist, especially if this is your first time, is natural. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of those fears and anxieties. At Magnolia Place, we hope to see young women as soon as they are ready to have a conversation about their health.  It is often that we have patients referred by their Pediatrician for troubles with their menstrual cycles or birth control, but there is so much more young women need to know in their early years of development that could empower their minds and confidence in their ever-changing bodies. A pelvic exam is NOT a requirement when seeing an OBGYN and if you are told you must do so, RUN!!!  Pelvic exams are a mutual decision between you and your doctor at ANY age.

At Magnolia Place, we believe an important question should be posed to warrant the need for a very daunting exam as we seek an answer. Pap smears are often associated with a pelvic exam, but there is so much more to this exam than your pap! Here again, is another stigma we are ready to change. Our pelvis and pelvic health is an INTRICATE undertaking, and we challenge you to feel the same! A pap smear screening is now not recommended until the age of 21, however, young women can begin seeing an OBGYN starting between the ages of 13 and 15.  What happens at an OBGYN appointment? From Magnolia Place, ECU OBGYN, here is a breakdown of what you should expect when attending your first OBGYN appointment.

Before Your OBGYN Appointment

The first step is to ask your friends and family who they see, or research a women’s health provider near you. It is important to find one who is well-vetted from women just like you.  Once you feel you have found the right provider or medical practice for you, call and schedule an appointment. If you do not feel welcome as you encounter the receptionist, drop in their office and say hello. Do you feel comfortable even walking in the door? Are you greeted with warmth and kindness? You will hear the Magnolia Place team recommend the same approach whether it be choosing a specialist or expecting parents when they ask how to choose their Pediatrician.

The bottom line is that you have to take as many unnecessary challenges or confrontations out of your healthcare experience so that you can FOCUS on what matters-YOUR HEALTH. After you have cleared this hurdle and have your appointment date set, now contemplate your visit.  Identify any questions or concerns you have regarding your health, whether it be unique to being female or a general medical question or concern that you are not sure about. Write them down so that you remember to ask them during your ECU OBGYN appointment. You will also need to fill out some paperwork before arriving at the office-typically forms regarding your medical history and contact information. At Magnolia Place, we tell patients to do the best they can. If you need assistance, we will help you complete them during your visit.

At Your OBGYN Appointment

A typical medical practice and OBGYN office will have you arrive for your ECU OBGYN appointment and then immediately ask for you to change into a gown once your intake is complete where the physical exam portion is often next in your visit. At Magnolia Place, we believe your medical experience should be different. At your first visit, the Magnolia Place team aims to get to know you and gain insight into your life and world so we can set the stage to better understand you as a person. We believe knowing the details of your life helps us take the best care of you. Many times details matter and can be life-changing or life-saving. We try to make certain you are mentally prepared for any physical exam and avoid talking “naked” unless absolutely necessary, i.e. when we are talking as we are performing your physical exam.

If you must have a complete well women’s exam, this will be explained to you at each step of the process and we immediately provide you feedback. Again ladies, the typical stigma of an OBGYN exam is about your breast and your pap smear. We at Magnolia Place are evaluating you from head to toe and the universe that you are! Depending on your age, life circumstance, or medical concern at hand, your women's health provider will perform the necessary physical examination that you both agree upon. Depending on your age and other factors, they may recommend additional tests such as blood work, pap smears, or mammograms.

At Magnolia Place, we aim to discuss what is important to you. We believe this should be the case with any doctor you may see. The topics in women’s health are endless! Questions or concerns that women tend to have about their health are about the menstrual cycle, contraception, sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STIs / STDs), pelvic pain, pregnancy, hormones, fertility treatments, and menopause symptoms. However, these are just a few of the things related to being a woman and the pursuit of women’s wellness. Depending on your specific needs, a plan is made. This may involve follow-up visits and testing, prescribing medication, or referring you to a specialist for further care. We believe in the power of collaboration and if you have a need outside of our scope of practice or we believe you should have a second opinion to help decipher the best plan for you. We have a strong network and medical community to ask for help, and are proud to be a part of it!

After Your OBGYN Appointment

At Magnolia Place, you leave your visit feeling empowered with a plan.  We believe that every patient must understand the rationale for their medical treatments.  Our medical community has made great strides where ECU OBGYN will provide instructions regarding any follow-up exams or tests that might be necessary based on findings during the visit.  This is helpful but we find that many patients are inundated with information that may or may not be entirely relevant to their specific situation and story. It’s essential that you understand your medical care plan and rationale for treatment so that you are better able to follow these instructions in order to maintain optimal health in the future.

At Magnolia Place, our communication in this respect does not stop at the end of your visit, we believe in the power of open communication and connection.  We encourage patients to never hesitate to call with any questions after leaving the office.  If you are concerned, we want to know and need to know to take the best care of you.  Many gynecologists and obstetrics doctors are available for follow-up calls if needed but often require going through a triage of steps to reach an answer. We aim to break the barriers. Our Magnolia Place team is readily available and the answer to your concerns is truly at the touch of a button-we’re always just a message or call away.

Magnolia Place | ECU OBGYN

At Magnolia Place, we believe that your healthcare is a journey and not a destination. We believe in regular visits to the OBGYN are essential for keeping up with your women’s health and knowing what signs and symptoms could indicate potential issues down the road. Ladies, the universe was not built in a day and you cannot expect your healthcare to be managed in a day either.  While some patients may feel anxious about their first visit, we aim to change this unnecessary worry. Certainly, knowing what happens at an OBGYN appointment can help one feel more confident. However, a warm, welcoming, and well-informed medical team make all the difference in your healthcare experience. Take control of your health by scheduling an appointment with our Magnolia Place team at our ECU OBGYN. To learn more about what to expect at our women’s healthcare Greenville, NC center, visit our website today.