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Marie Stormi Rowe, MD, FACOG

Dr. Marie Rowe earned her medical degree from Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, where she also completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC. Dr. Rowe received her BS in Biology and BA in Chemistry from East Carolina University.  She enjoyed her work as a pharmaceutical chemist and appreciates this experience as it has enhanced her current practice of medicine.  

Dr. Rowe is a board-certified fellow with the American Board of Obstetricians Gynecologist. Her professional interests include all consideration for women’s health and primary care across every life stage.  She has a passion for caring for adolescents and making sure they are empowered through education to navigate this sometimes-difficult transition in life.  She enjoys providing preconception and infertility care that one day leads to following that family for obstetric care.  She is trained in managing high-risk pregnancies and sees each baby as her own until the birthday celebration.  She has a passion for preventative medicine in reducing risks of disease across the life span for women.  She sees every transition in life as an opportunity to address current and future health.  She enjoys a focus in hormone treatment and a graceful “change of life” when it comes to menopause.  She believes strongly in the current medical landscape in choosing proper screening and risk-reduction strategies based on your family history or present medical health.  She serves as an advocate to guard the holistic approach to your healthcare and wellness.  She enjoys taking the time to develop treatment plans to leave no stone unturned for her patients in a time of uncertainty or need.  In this process, she enjoys collaborating with other physicians to maintain a multidisciplinary team should you need one.  

Dr. Rowe is also involved in her family, friends, and community.  It is her village that has empowered her even more to stay true to this vocation to help and serve others.  Having grown up in Morehead City, she has made Greenville her home away from home with her family.  Dr. Rowe enjoys spending time with her family and friends, both human and non-human alike.  She enjoys participating in fitness activities, many outdoor activities including anything to do with the water, gardening and winter skiing.  She enjoys reading, especially the philosophical.  She is especially inspired by Dr. Albert Schweitzer and his “Reverence for Life” work.  She had the opportunity to work at his hospital in Gabon, Africa.

She enjoys keeping busy with her family.  She is proud of her husband, Michael, and three children Kathleen, Jack and Alexander and two grandchildren Stetson and Hudson.  She would not go without mentioning their beloved German Shepard – Kuno, their Vidant born feline – Mr. Stantonsburg, a self-maintained koi pond and wildlife galore around their house.  If you come to know Dr. Rowe, you will know her family.