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Meal Planning For Busy Moms

2023 is here! One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we hear at our womens nutrition Greenville NC practice is that patients want to eat healthier.

2023 is here! One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we hear at our womens nutrition Greenville NC practice is that patients want to eat healthier. However, this is easier said than done in our culture. Finding healthy food options can be difficult, often because access is inconvenient or costly. If you truly examine those who are successful in maintaining a healthy, balanced nutrition routine, you will find that they are planners and what they eat is always because of I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N. A powerful word capable of changing our lives and should be on automatic repeat in our thoughts daily.

One way to help ensure healthy eating is my meal prepping! In some studies, meal prep has been associated with better eating habits. Between running errands, caring for kids, and working from home—or outside of it—it can be hard to manage meal planning and preparation as a busy mom. But with just a little bit of the secret sauce that we love, intention, coupled with the consistency of our routine each week, it can be done! From Magnolia Place, here are our tips for meal planning for busy moms.

Plan Ahead - Lead with I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N

The key to successful meal planning for busy moms is planning ahead. Start by taking a few minutes each week or month (depending on how often you shop) to plan your meals. Our womens nutrition Greenville NC practice recommends looking online for recipe inspiration. You may want to use the same menu each week or switch up your meals depending on what’s in season or what’s on sale. When creating your menu plan, take into account any dietary restrictions, [food allergies]( number of people with,identified food allergy (source).), or simply preferences that family members may have.

Make a List

Once you plan your menu for the week or month, it’s time to make your grocery list. Our womens nutrition Greenville NC  lifestyle medical mantra and practice recommends you look in your cabinets to see what ingredients you already have. Be sure to include all the ingredients needed for each recipe so that nothing gets forgotten when shopping in-store or online. Having this list handy will also help keep you from buying items that aren’t necessary. Our women’s wellness practice recommends only buying what you need for the week. This way, items won’t spoil before you’re able to make them. You will hear Dr. Rowe advise patients to try to avoid foods that last longer then one week, as her intention is to help her patients choose clean, real eating full of fruits and vegetables that often have this limited shelf life.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Our womens nutrition Greenville NC practice has found that mealtime is much easier when you prepare as many ingredients or portions of your meal as possible ahead of time. Try washing and chopping vegetables in advance or pre-measuring dry ingredients like flour and sugar. Our center for womens health Greenville NC also recommends investing in meal-planning tools like meal containers and a food processor. Doing these tasks ahead of time will save precious minutes during actual cooking and make everything go more smoothly when dinnertime comes around.

If you do not have time, seek out and outsource your nutrition plans with a meal delivery service where the meal prep is done for you. There are great local delivery services as well as national ones that ship right to your front door. We believe in a mantra of trying one or trying them all so you find the best fit for your family. Feel free to use multiple services depending on your schedule and nutritional needs.

These services often save you not only time but money as every item you need for that precious meal to sit and enjoy is included. Most services do ask you to keep items like olive oil and standard cooking supplies on hand for added convenience and to contain cost. Ready to take the next step? Try Clean Eatz Cafe and speak with them about your needs. If you want to look beyond national companies, this article from Women’s Health Magazine is a great, well-vetted, resource.

Magnolia Place | Womens Nutrition Greenville NC

Womens nutrition Greenville NC and meal planning for busy moms don't have to be complicated. By using these tips and finding solutions that work for your lifestyle; busy moms can plan delicious meals without spending a century in the kitchen. Looking for more women’s wellness tips? Keep an eye on our blog! If you’re ready to start taking your feminine health seriously this year, Magnolia Place can help. To learn more about why we’re top of the class in women’s healthcare Greenville NC, visit our website today.