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Nutrition and Weight Management

Currently in the United States, two out of every five women are considered to be obese (BMI >30). Obesity is associated with higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and increased risks of surgical complications. At Magnolia Place, we aim to help curb this epidemic through individualized weight loss counseling, whether it be conservative management, medical management and, if needed, a referral for surgical weight loss management.

At Magnolia Place, we recognize that our overall health is directly tied to our nutrition. We will collaborate with a nutritionist and we will help you attain your goals whether it be for overall health, a healthy pregnancy, or management of chronic medical conditions. We are also happy to offer on-site physical fitness services.

Meet Noel Smith!

"I am passionate about helping others find joy in a healthy and active lifestyle. My personal health history with autoimmunity and success with lifestyle intervention after years of struggling to control symptoms led me to take a great interest in Functional Nutrition, so after completing my undergraduate studies at ECU (Go Pirates!), I set out to pursue more specialized training in this area. I currently have Nutrition Certifications from the International Sports Science Association and Precision Nutrition Programs and I am currently working on my Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport where I will become a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist upon graduation Fall 2022.

I started Nutrition with Noel with a mission to make a healthy lifestyle more achievable and enjoyable to all through personalized coaching, educational classes and resources to our community and beyond. In addition to this, I also provide services in the health care setting. Born out of passion to reach further into my community, I am thrilled to also be partnering with Magnolia Place OB/GYN & Wellness to provide nutrition services and look forward to empowering women through education and counseling specific to their unique challenges and goals. I share the Magnolia Place mission to improve the health of our community through integrated, comprehensive and convenient care. When I am not in the office, you can typically find me running Greenville's beautiful trails with my pup Eden, working on a home project or experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen." 

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